Jenaka: What Happen If You Tore A Girl’s Skirt

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tokyo, Japan

A man accidentally tore a girl’s short miniskirt in Tokyo . Before the guy had a chance to apologize, the single lady took a 90 degree bow, then said:
I am sorry to give you trouble! The quality of the skirt is not all that good.

Then she took out a pin, put the skirt back together and left.

Time Square, New York

A man accidentally tore a girl’s miniskirt. Before the guy had a chance to react, the single lady pull out a name card, gave it to him and said:
This is my lawyer’s business card. He will contact you about this sexual harassment. It is better that you prepare yourself, then we will see you in court


Paris, France

A French man accidentally tore a girls’ miniskirt. Before the man opened his mouth, the young single lady said with a smile:
If you do not mind, a red rose can represent your apology

The French man bought her a rose, then they went to a bar, and lastly, they went to a small hotel discussing what was in the miniskirt.

Thames, England

In the Church Square by Thames, an English man accidently tore the mini skirt of a young single lady. Before the English man opened up his mouth, the young lady covered her torn spot, then said with a blush on her face:
Do you mind taking me home sir? I live very close by…

The English man took his jacket off, put on her shoulders, call a cab, then took her home safely.


Chong Qing, China

A man accidentally cut open the miniskirt of a young lady. Before the man said anything, the young lady slapped the guy, then:
You, the sex maniac. Dare to take advantage of me, I will send you to the labor camp…


Shimending, Taiwan

A man accidentally tore a girl’s short miniskirt. Before the guy started to speak, the girl smiled and said:
We have not come up with a price yet, and you are going to inspect the merchandise?


Yinchong, Korea

A man accidentally tore a girl’s miniskirt. Before the man speaks, the girl gave him a round kick, then said:
Don’t you know that I have a second degree black belt in Tai Kwan Dao


Bangkok, Thailand

A man accidentally tore the miniskirt of an 18 years old girl. Before the man start to apologize, the girl said with a hand gesture:
No worries honey, ……we are all men